April 20, 2009

Tom Joyner Back in Chicago on Soul 106.3 WSRB

Tom Joyner announced this morning on the TJMS that he will be back on the air in Chicago starting on Wednesday, April 22. His company Reach Media and Crawford Broadcasting, the owners of Soul 106.3 (WSRB), have reached an agreement and have worked out a deal with Clear Channel Radio. Clear Channel Radio last month yanked Joyner off the air in Chicago at WSRB and replaced him with the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Clear Channel has released Tom Joyner from the contract that would have kept him under wraps and off the air until the end of the year.

Joyner will now go head to head against Steve Harvey, despite Joyner's popularity, he will have difficulty beating out Harvey for the simple fact that Soul 106.3's (WSRB) signal only really covers the south side of Chicago. Joyner will be heard on WYRB in Rockford, Illinois as well (at 106.3 FM also), on a signal that is about 50 miles outside of the city. In Joyner's vlog, he still encourages his Chicago listeners to tune into BlackAmericaWeb.com to hear him. Steve Harvey on the other hand is on the monster signal of V-103 (WVAZ) which blankets Chicago.

BTW: Soul 106.3 is the local outlet for Chicago native Michael Baisden, who's show runs for 5 hours from 2-7PM CT.

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