April 13, 2009

Tom Joyner on Soul 106.3 WSRB Chicago - Not Just Yet

Joyner may appear to be a natural fit with Soul 106.3's format, but the station's limited signal could be a problem. In you live in Gary, Indiana you hear the station nice and clear, however if you're a resident of Chicago, like our President, then you can barely hear the station in your neighborhood. But there aren't many other options, other than going to Black talk radio station AM 1690 WVON, the former radio home of CNN's Roland Martin.

Also, it may be awhile before you hear the TJMS on Soul 106.3 (WSRB), Clear Channel has Tom Joyner locked down until the end of the year and may decide to keep him off the air unless Crawford Broadcasting and WSRB decide to compensate Clear Channel. Waiting until 2010 may not sit well with Tom Joyner's fans in Chicago.

However, rumors of a sooner return have surfaced, because morning show host Carla Box is no longer with Soul 106.3 and the station ran music only without a host this morning.

Meanwhile Steve Harvey goes to the newspaper and says I have nothing to do with Tom Joyner not being on the air in Chicago.

In any event there will come a day when Tom Joyner will no longer be on the air, but who is waiting in the wings to replace him?

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  1. I was excited to learn that Tom Joyner was returning to radio so of course I was a supporter of The Tom Joyner Morning Show, but today (1/09/10) while listening to this show I was disheartned when I heard Jay Anthony Brown making fun of Prince hip problems and to hear Tom Joyner(The strong intelligent Advocate for African American students among other great things) laughing in the back ground at Jay's crudeness, made me look at him differently. I love to laugh just like the next person (probably even more)but I feel Jay was taking this too far, I wasn't surprised at all by Jay but I was taken aback at Tom, I turned the station before Jay could finish with his (supposedly) jokes. I hope me turning the station isn't a refection of what's to come but if comments about someone's suffering keep being made fun of, then I will have no choice but to turn the station indefinitely.


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