May 26, 2009

Atlanta Sports Station 790 The Zone Offers Michael Vick $50,000

The media around the country and in the Atlanta area are battling to get the first interview with Michael Vick since the football star left prison last week.

790 The Zone, home of "The Two Live Stews", has offered $50,000 to Vick, to be donated to the Humane Society in Vick's name, for the opportunity to talk to him since his release. Radio station spokeswoman Leslie Smith told the AJC she has not heard back from Vick’s agent.

Smith knows the offer is a long shot since plenty of media organizations with more clout and cash are vying for his attention. But she said it would be a “huge publicity boost” for him to do something for charity.
If you were Vick, your first interview will be with ESPN, count on it, unless Oprah is interested...

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