May 5, 2009

Clear Channel's Cookie Cutter Programming is Number One

Clear Channel's Alt rock station Radio 104.5 (WRFF) is the No. 1 station in Philadelphia among listeners ages 18 to 34 for four consecutive months by more than a full rating point over the second place station. The station runs daily with just two staff announcers and most of it's content is pre-recorded. Sounds like a formula for success that will make radio execs smile...

OK I have to admit I do check out the station from time to time because they will throw in an occassional Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, or House of Pain old school, and a Bob Marley song. (Why do white guys love Bob Marley anyway? Does it give them an reason to feel more connected to their ganja?) Good thing this cookie cutter approach doesn't work everywhere. I'm sure it would spread everywhere. They tried the same thing in Baltimore at Alt rock Channel 104.3 (WCHH) and it's bombing in the ratings. In Hartford the format did poorly as well and Clear Channel ended up selling the station after flipping it from hip-hop Power 104.1. The bottom line is this... Radio 104.5 is one of Clear Channel's most profitable stations to their ...bottom line.

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