May 6, 2009

Free Chicken Let's talk chicken not radio

I think this site's name will change to Urban Chicken Nation, there's such a fascination with chicken and here's the coupon for FREE Kentucky Fried Chicken ... oops I mean Kentucky GRILLED chicken. Just remember you can't use it on Mother's Day. Now who is so trifling to take their wife, mom, or babies' mamas to KFC on Mother's Day. Do people really like over-processed, massed-produced chicken that much? You have to give the people over at KFC credit for marketing this new product to the African American community. I guess it doesn't hurt to have Oprah backing you either. They've got this down to a science. I received a chicken coupon in my in box... a chicken coupon!

Maybe KFC could market HD radios and all of those hidden AM and FM radio stations with Hi-Def sound (Do you even know what that is?); but radio is hellbent on downsizing their product into a one size fits all model. ...And they really expect the public to consume it like chicken?! Meanwhile radio content is driving many listeners to the Internet on a daily basis. By the way it seems KFC's advertising campaign is mainly using television. I've yet to hear a radio commercial for this new KFC product. Maybe they have determined that Urban radio is just not that effective as a marketing tool any longer. Hmmm...

If you've ever doubted the power of the media then watch the following clips... have you ever seen anything more embarrassing?

This is sad. Not the unpreparedness of Popeye's, but the way folks can't figure out how to go to the local supermarket, buy some chicken, take it home and cook it! It's also disturbing to watch the TV news anchors laugh it up. (yuck, yuck, ha, ha) What's so f***** funny? Again I say images and influences in the media are so powerful.

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