May 16, 2009

Listen to Helen Little on one of over 20 radio stations this weekend

Helen Little will be heard across the country on Saturday or Sunday evening on many Clear Channel stations. This promotion is called a "Listening Party" and can be heard over the air on the FM radio, Internet and the "iHeart Radio!" phone app. Helen Little is the midday host at 106.7 Lite FM New York.

Here are the stations:

WLIT The Lite 93.9 Chicago, IL SAT 6P-12M
WMYI My 102.5 102.5 Greenville, SC SAT 6P-12M
WBBQ 104.3 Augusta, GA SAT 6P-12M
WMXL My Mix 94.5 94.5 Lexington. KY SAT 6P-12M
KSNE Sunny 106.5 106.5 Las Vegas, NV SAT 6P-12M
KSSN Sunny 102.3 102.3 Modesto, CA SAT 6P-12M
KGBX 105.9 KGBX 105.9 Springfield, MO SAT 6P-12M
KQXT Q101.9 101.9 San Antonio, TX SAT 6P-12M
KRVE 96.1 The River 96.1 Baton Rouge, LA SAT 6P-12M
KKYS The Mix 104.7 104.7 Davenport, IA SUN 6P-12M
WGSY Sunny 100 100.1 Columbus, AL SUN 6P-12M
WNIC 100.3 WNIC 100.3 Detroit, MI SUN 6P-12M
WLZT 93.3 WLZT 93.3 Columbus, OH SUN 6P-12M
WKWK Mix 97.3 97.3 Wheeling, WV SUN 6P-12M
KGLI KG95 95.5 Sioux City, IA SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WSHZ Star 108 107.9 Muskegon, MI SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WXMC Lite Mix 99.9 99.9 Mobile, AL SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WYYY Y94FM Variety 94.5 Syracuse, NY SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WRNQ 92.1 Lite FM 92.1 Poughkeepsie, NY SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WERZ 107.1 FM 107.1 Portsmouth, NH SAT/SUN 6P-12M
WNDH 103.1 The One 103.1 Napoleon, OH SAT/SUN 6P-12M

To say the least this is quite interesting, sounds like another Premium Programming option or test run for PD's in those particular city...

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