May 27, 2009

More on H.R. 848 Performance Royalty Tax - Passionate Plea from Cathy Hughes

“I’ll tell you what will happen,” (if the Performance Royality Tax becomes law) “You won’t get anymore new music, because I will only play a song by an artist who is proven, or dead and proven. I’m not going to play a song to see if the audience likes it -Tom Joyner

Small independent radio owner talks about the impact of a potential Peformance Royalty Tax

While listening to a Radio One station last week, I heard Cathy Hughes pleading with listeners to contact Rep. John Conyers over the Performance Royalty Tax. At this point I'm not sure what contacting Rep. Conyers can do, but what is interesting is that her plea is directed towards the gospel music audience. She boldly says that if the Performance Royalty Tax bill passes through the U.S. Congress and becomes law, then Radio One will have to get rid of their gospel music stations. I was listening to an R&B station at the time.

Is that really true? Cathy why not some of Radio One's R&B and Hip-Hop stations?... Oh I get it Ms. Hughes, you need gospel music listeners to save the company's behind. That's a good look to target them for a number of reasons.

First, Gospel stations listeners are more passionate about "the Lord's music" and they would be willing to gather for a protest in Washington, D.C. on the steps of the Capitol. Next, this won't play well in those mega churches across the country. All they need is one Dollar, Jakes, or Long type to get behind this. You know Sharpton is already in the fold. The question begs to be asked, 'Is it better for radio stations not to pay gospel artist for their music versus not having a station at all to promote the Black church and it's music?' Besides most R&B and Hip-Hop listeners are already turned off by what they hear and there are other urban radio stations to listen to in most cities.

And finally, in many major cities Radio One owns the best sounding gospel station because it's on the FM band. Their "Praise" FM stations sound much better than the static, low powered AM gospel station they might be competiting with for ratings. They have a monopoly in that area. And the thought of gospel music going away on FM radio really won't sit well with the Chuch (church)... and let the people say Amen.

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