May 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Area DJ's, Artists and Others Speak Out on the soon to be "Demise of WAMO"

There is no other situation in the country that even comes close to the relationship between a radio station and a community. Maybe WDAS in Philly comes close, but there is only an FM station there now, but then again there are other urban outlets in Philly owned by Radio One. Maybe WILD in Boston, which has no major Black FM station and only daytimer WILD; but the FM station never had the heritage position that WILD AM once enjoyed. WAMO FM is a top ten station in Pittsburgh and with WAMO AM, that has been part of a community for 55 years. Now it's set to simply have three urban stations go away in a few months.

Sly Jock, the legendary and now retired deejay of WAMO AM said they tried to fix things that were not broke. “They could never latch onto the community and when you lose the community you lose everything,” he said. “They completely shut out the old school.”

Sly Jock said he hopes Pittsburgh can get another station that will cater to the community because that’s what it is all about—the community. “Pittsburgh is not a city for syndication such as “The Steve Harvey Show” and St. Joseph Missions is not going to hold out. WAMO must not have cared because they did not even warn the public that this was going to happen. It just did.”

Lakeisha Brown, daughter of Sly Jock and formerly known as “Kiki—The Midday Chick” of the FM side, says, “I feel bad for the people of Pittsburgh that had their hometown radio station for over 55 years. People have dedicated their craft to one talent meaning that you’ve had people who have done this one thing all their lives. It’s hard for some people to bounce from one craft to another. To true WAMO fans, it’s a heritage station.

“I feel it’s a sad day in Pittsburgh and it will never be the same without WAMO,” said R&B singer Ira Soul. “They did a lot for the community. Now that WAMO is gone you can utilize Pitt’s radio station, Point Park University and Carnegie Mellon University. Promoters in the city can still advertise with other radio stations and make their events successful

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