June 24, 2009

Can Local Radio work on the Internet? Try G-Town Radio

The whole idea of radio serving the local community and playing local artists have gone by the wayside. The corporate radio landscape sort of dictates to more syndication programming with a de-emphasis on local programming in favor of improving the company's bottom line. Less creative and more homogenized programming is the norm.

Many radio listeners are thoroughly frustrated with their local radio station and feel their input has been shut off in favor of profits. However there are a few stations out there dedicated to covering their local community and playing independent artist. One station in particular, G-Town radio is a local station on the Internet at http://gtownradio.com/. Now being on the world wide web, you may think they would be playing to a world wide audience, but that's not the case at all.

G-Town radio is a community based station focused on the Germantown community, a neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia. Their mission is to become an outlet for local content, community news and great music.

The best show on the station is the Wednesday night offering from 8-10pm, THE REC w/Cruze & Lonnie & Scholar 3000. The show features the "going ons" in Philly and the surrounding area with news, views, artist and author interviews, movie reviews, live music and poetry, event spotlights and "pure madness".

I've searched for entertaining Internet streaming programs and for the most part I've been disappointed. The REC is an exception because they and the G-Town radio station as a whole have figured out how to program to a local audience and not to try to compete with commercial radio, even though they're on the web. What they do is unique and that makes them special.

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