June 29, 2009

FCC Fines K104 Dallas $4,000 for Nelly Concert Promotion

DJs at K104 (KKDA) Dallas got carried away describing a concert promotion with Nelly, leading to a $4,000 FCC fine. Staion owner Service Broadcasting says all the on-air and online stuff it prepared for “Nelly’s Blackout Party” at the Opus Lounge in April 2008 checked out just fine. But it admits some DJs over-promised in "isolated and unscripted remarks” that winner would have a chance to meet Nelly, some listeners felt burned, and they complained.

The prize was supposed to be tickets and a chance to enter the club directly instead of standing behind the velvet rope. But some jocks hyped it as a chance to get VIP access and to get up close and personal with Nelly. K104 says there were 11 contest winners and eight of them were happy with the way the evening turned out.

But it only takes one contestant to complain, and the FCC decides that the station was also bound by its DJs’ ad libs – and that K104 owes the standard contest rule violation fine of $4,000. Read what the FCC said here. Source TRI
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