June 26, 2009

Memories of Michael Jackson

While searching the dial this morning, it was Charlamagne of The Morning Beat on WPHI 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia that provided the best tribute to Michael Jackson. I had to agree with him that "Off the Wall" was his best album, but it really didn't matter because Charlamagne along with DJ Touchtone, played everything Michael Jackson. It was a party, a jam session, a celebration of life...

...and it was a throwback to what DJ's use to do on the radio. Charlamagne played little known tracks like 'Girlfriend' from Off the Wall, to the title track from the album, which is his own personal anthem. He took calls, danced on the live web stream, and encouraged his listeners to not be depressed and to have a good time. THERE WAS NO PLAYLIST! He played what he wanted to play from Michael and he took request from the listeners.

Not sure what the Urban Radio syndicated morning radio shows were doing, all I know on local radio in Philly, Charlamagne did the damn thing and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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  1. girlfriend was not a little known album cut, it was played with every other cut off the off the wall album in regular rotation on wbls jeez. Do ur research brother, and it's not throwback it's what it is oldschool, just like it's not the mask urban, it's black!


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