June 23, 2009

Black Radio in New York Ignores Kesha Monk Husband's Candidacy

Have you ever tried to get your record played on the radio?; then you know the frustration Brooklyn Borough candidate Eugene Myrick is experiencing in trying to get media coverage.

Take a look at the following video isn't this what President Obama asked us to do. Get involve!

Seems like an upstanding guy, right? Seems like a candidate that might be able to make some changes in our community? If you read yesterday's press release by Warren Ballentine, then you might be under the impression that there is no one out there trying to turn around the shame he says that's on Black America. Well why can't Eugene Myrick get any coverage on Black Radio and other places in the media? Especially since no one else is running against the current Borough President.

You would think Eugene Myrick wouldn't simply be ignored, given the fact that he is married to Kesha Monk, a former major market media personality who most recently worked as midday personality at WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM. Los Angeles listeners may remember her at The Beat and in Chicago as Keyshia Keys.

Kesha talks about their frustration with her husband Eugene's campaign:

I am over here LITERALLY about to explode. Black America is REALLY, REALLY in trouble. I'm serious.

...if you want to run for office, the first step is getting your name placed on the ballot. This is done during something called the PETITIONING PROCESS. Eugene has to collect a minimum of 4,000 signatures from Brooklyn residents in order to be placed on the ballot. Opposition has ways of challenging the validity of signatures - - so realistically, we should really collect anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 to ENSURE that Eugene makes it past this 1st step and onto the ballot.

Taking into consideration the many, many problems that our community is facing with regards to poverty, unemployment, crime, police brutality, poor education, foreclosure, etc.....you would think that the media (BLACK MEDIA SPECIFICALLY) would embrace a young, black, educated, first time candidate who OBVIOUSLY was inspired by our new President to GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING.

Eugene is a product of the OBAMA EFFECT and I feel that his desire to get involved in Brooklyn politics is admirable within itself. NO ONE ELSE is running against the current Borough President and Eugene can actually win IF we can spread the word....

And how do you spread the word? By contacting people that you personally know in the media and ask them to shed light on this 'new generation of leadership'. Perhaps more like-minded people would explore a strategic alliance....and the 10,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot would be easy as pie if people would help.

A few of the people that I've contacted include:* Bob Slade AND His Producer @ KISS FM* Gary Byrd @ WBLS* Al Sharpton's National Action Network* 3 Black Journalists at NY1 (a local tv station)* 1 Black journalist at MY9 News* Funkmaster Flex (seems crazy...but I thought it would be a good idea as Eugene is from the Hip Hop generation)* 1 Black journalist at CNN* 1 Black journalist at the NY DAILY NEWS who also has a radio show

THIS IS A PARTIAL LIST...But I assure you, we have been flat out ignored. I just can't understand it. Several phone calls, e-mails...and in one instance, I PERSONALLY left a message on a desk.

Sounds amazing doesn't it, but it's the truth. The community, especially the Black community needs to have access to the public airwaves that are controlled by the FCC.

If you're interested in supporting or want more information about Eugene Myrick's campaign check out the following links.



Kesha Monk's Photos - Chronicling The Candidate

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  1. Black Media in nyc has been on lock down since black radio was co-opted in this city at the end of 1994 by emmis communications, I can understand keshia monk being upset, but she knew already what was being offered/covered as information and what is not being covered as information by stations like kiss,bls,lib until the black community of nyc challeges not only kiss, but bls, lib as well they can't be let off the hook because they are owned by a brotha, if we continue to walk around like nothing is wrong, then it will continue, and dumb down another generation like it has since 94 in this city. It's not only a nyc phenom it's national, like I posted a comment in bob slades there needs to be more local black talk, rewind back to 1989 versus 2009 and you will see that news and information pertaining to new yorks black community was 10 fold than it is today. That is not a nice reality but sure is the reality.


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