June 22, 2009

Talk Show Host Warren Ballentine Says "Shame on You Black America"

My entire life I have been hearing how the white man and the government is the reason so many of us were poor, uneducated, and unemployed. Now, don’t get me wrong I do understand that the holocaust of slavery, the unjust justice system of Jim Crow and the civil rights disparities has crippled Black Americans in many ways. But, can we still say that today?
We must take accountability for our actions as well. Today we have a Black man as President but he is a President not the Savior of Black America. We have more Black millionaires than any other time in the history of this country, yet our schools are worst than they were before integration. Our unemployment rate is higher than ever before. Our kids are killing each other like they were living in the Old West. And we own almost none of the businesses in our communities. Is this what Dr. King gave his life for? Is this what Thurgood Marshall fought for?

Why is this all happening now? Lack of ACCOUNTABILITY in our RACE. We blindly support singers, actors, rappers, and athletes to the point that we make them gods. We spend our last dime supporting them but do they support us?
How hard would it be for ten or twenty of them to come together and buy properties in cities and towns and open up businesses and trade schools? Where are the Dick Gregory’s, Muhammad Ali’s, Bill Russell’s, and Jim Brown’s of this generation?

I know some of you will say Warren these folks don’t owe us a thing. Why do we keep asking for hand outs? To you I say a great majority of these stars voted for our current President ¾ and his message is clear that we have a duty to the greater good of all then a small few. What I am proposing isn’t a handout at all. I am not asking for fish I am asking to teach us how to fish.
If a group did this it would allow people the chance to save their homes. Help keep our children off of drugs and out of the crime black hole that a majority of them seem to be in. It would help destroy the process that most of our kids and (many parents) seem to think that the only way to be successful is to be a rapper or ball player. It would help fund the education of these children to the point that the schools would truly be equal not just integrated.

ACCOUNTABILITY.. We must change this stupid no snitch rule in our communities. We must call the cops on our kids who are on the corners selling dope. We must stop blaming the white man for all the ills of Black America. We must stop all these town halls and State of Black America meetings.
And we must stop supporting these singers, actors, rappers, and athletes who don’t do anything for us.
If you continue your current path Black America well Shame on you.
Warren Ballentine Esq

Warren Ballentine is a lawyer and a nationally syndicated radio host and a regular on Sunday nights on the newsroom on CNN. The Warren Ballentine Show can be heard weekdays from 10AM-1PM. (check local market listings) or visit www.truthfighters.tv.

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  1. I believe this to be true. Every single one of us is accountable for our lives and it's about time we recognized that. We can't expect the government (or "White America", for that matter) to keep on providing for the African-Americans or for any ethnic group for that matter. We have to stand up on our own, take the steps we need through proper education and training, and get ourselves moving towards progress. Until we do so we'll be stuck without experiencing any growth and progress at all.


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