June 18, 2009

Unity Day Cancellation a Bad Sign for WDAS Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Daily News Gossip Columnist Dan Gross interviewed a couple of staffers that said the recent cancellation of the 30 year annual Unity Day event signals a bad sign for the heritage station 105.3 FM WDAS. I guess they feel Clear Channel would get rid of WDAS.

A WDAS veteran employee stated that "To get rid of Unity Day was stupid. How are you going to replace that revenue."

Station spokesperson Loraine Ballard Morrill said, "WDAS is one of the top stations in the market and we're exactly where we want to be. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that there are no plans to make any changes to the station. The decision not to hold Unity Day this year was simply a reflection of these very challenging economic times."

Even with the new electronic rating system known as PPM; WDAS FM has remained a consistent top 5 rated station in the Philadelphia market. In the old handwritten diary rating system, 'DAS battled it out for #1 with the local all news radio station KYW and the easy listening/soft rock station B101. So any
speculation at this time seems absurd.
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