July 17, 2009

Backlash against Lil' Wayne coming from Charlamagne and New Blog "I Am Not Every Girl"

The "I Am Not Every Girl" Blog is targeting Atlanta's Hip Hop stations, V-103, 95.5 The Beat, and Hot 107.9 to remove "Every Girl" from the airwaves.

Ever since the BET Awards I've had such a bad taste in my mouth over Lil' Wayne's performance at the BET Awards. The f-word laced song, included bringing young teenage girls on the stage to dance during the performace. This performance mind you occured before Janet Jackson came out to give a message of thanks for the support the family had been receiving in wake of the death of her brother Michael. The awards show was supposed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson. That for sure was not the case. In large part due to this performance and many other inappropriate ill-conceived routines. Even though many tweets along with Alicia Key's declaration that there was such a presence of honoring Michael Jackson in the place, the TV audience was left wondering what kind of presence was she talking about, especially since the "bleep" guy had such a hard time preventing all of the curse words going out over the air.

Since the performance, BET and Drake have apologized for the performance. However we have not heard anything from Lil' Wayne except for saying he would murder newborns: (explicit) audio After hearing this bleeped out interview played on Charlamagne's show, you have to wonder why Lil' Wayne deserves any support or respect from anyone. This has nothing to do with Hip Hop or Rap.

Charlamagne the morning show host at WPHI 100.3 The Beat, is on a one man crusade to reveal the true essence of Lil' Wayne, even though his station is promoting a concert featuring Wayne, Soulja Boy, Drake, and others at the end of the month, that hasn't stopped him. You can follow him on twitter and streaming online each morning. It has become must hear radio. We can only hope that management doesn't try to silence him. No doubt the record company is doing more than just sitting silently on the sidelines.

From listening to the show, Charlamagne has brought to the listeners' attention a new blog called I am not every girl.com created by Milan Ford. A Black man and writer from the Atlanta area, whose first words after watching the BET Awards and the Lil' Wayne performance were, "Enough is Enough" with tears in his eyes.

What's next for the blog, apparently some very big things. The blog has created some buzz by being featured in the blogosphere on Essence Magazine and the Huffington Post online. The blog also has a fan page on facebook and twitter page.

One of the site supporters Janay (Live Louder) Bazemore created the following video for an online communication class she is taking at Georgia State University.

I love the fact that this is an online grassroots effort through social networking to bring about some much needed changes in the way radio is programmed. More specifically the type of songs and the messages that are played on the radio. I hope to see many websites, along with facebook and twitter users pick up on this extremely important effort and cause.

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