July 31, 2009

Eavesdrop Radio... Now for Something Completely Different

A radio show I will decribed as "unique"... or as a smoothed out, funk-a-fied, chilled, downbeat, hip hop groove with a experimental, alternative, lyrical soul flow. Not quite sure what all of that means. It's like this millennium's version of the 70's-80's funk of George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic all wrapped up into a radio show. Well let DJ Junior describe it...

Eavesdrop, a weekly radio show on WKDU 91.7FM (with co-host Lil' Dave) is a staple for music heads tuning in for jazz, soul, hip hop, latin grooves, afro-beat, broken beat and everything in-between. Our focus has and always will be to present quality music to a culture that embraces it.

If you're looking for something different and independent in sound you might want to check out the Eavesdrop radio show on line every Friday from 6-9 p.m on WKDU. Now for all of you musicians who are creating something different and can't get airplay on corporate mainstream radio, here's an outlet for your music. Can you bring it?

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