July 13, 2009

Michael Jackson - The News Cycle won't let him rest in peace

The big news today regarding the latest about Michael Jackson comes from sister LaToya Jackson, who claims in separate interviews with London's News of the World and The Mail that Michael was murdered. She did not name the killers or offer any proof of foul play.

She was clear about the motive. “I feel it was all about money,” she told the News of the World. “Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive.”

Enough already. I thought the Michael Jackson story would be over by today, and for the most part it is, except for a few reports that will continue to trickle out the rest of the week. Maybe a little more than a trickle if you watch CNN, the network morning shows and the early evening Hollywood gossip shows. But it's important to put Michael's legacy in proper perspective. Of course next to come will be books that will sensationalize Michael's life.

I would hope an acclaimed writer like Quincy Troupe, biographer of Miles Davis; or David Ritz who wrote a terrific biography on the life of Marvin Gaye; or culture critic and journalist Nelson George would once again take up the task of chronicling the life of Michael Jackson.

But what we are getting now are vultures and buzzards hoping to cash in on the death of Michael Jackson.

The following video is a deposition Michael gave back in 1993 in Mexico regarding copyright infringement.

Michael Jackson The Girl Is Mine beatbox
by nicobus

It's absolutely hilarious because it shows the genius of an artist that is creating and explaining his art. Hear the irritated lawyer continuously state "objection, objection" and Michael simply says, "That's how I did it."

One of the topics that was discussed on the controversial appearance of Minister Louis Farrakhan on the Arsenio Hall show back in 1994 was Michael Jackson. I think the Minister stated it quite clearly, Michael was a great entertainer, but ultimately he was a man.

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