July 22, 2009

New York's Pulse 87 Ask for Money from its Listeners, Then Returns it

Mega Media’s Pulse 87 (WNYZ-LP)was selling "Lance Armstrong style" wristbands for a $10 donation, teeshirts, hats, messenger bags in order to raise money. The items say “Donate to save Pulse 87.” Pulse 87 said it needed money ASAP, to avoid going dark within the next week or so. Pulse 87 is a Dance format station that broadcast on 87.7 FM which is the audio portion of a low power Channel 6 TV station. Some radios however don't have a 87.7 frequency. That's a problem.

But now their website says: Because of your overwhelming response, we here at PULSE 87 have been given a reprieve from some of our creditors and now have some additional time to attempt to raise money through more conventional means to continue broadcasting. The outpouring of support from the PULSE 87 audience has been nothing short of remarkable! You have shown New York, our advertisers and the music community how important this radio station is to all of you.There are some who will say this was just some desperate publicity stunt. We assure you that was absolutely not the case! This was really going to be the end. We are going to take this reprieve and do everything in our power in order to raise the money to keep providing you, our loyal listeners, with the very best dance music in New York for free! Everyone who donated money will have their donations returned in full. Thank you! PUSLE 87 listeners - you are amazing! To all the artists who ran to our aid with their support, we hope to be here to support you and your music for a long time!

It seems that if Pulse 87 would bring back Star and Buc Wild that might solve their money crunch even though they don't quite fit their format. The station was home to The Star and Buc Wild morning show until last February.

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