July 23, 2009

Omarosa is Back and Talking 'Sistas vs. Sistas': Are Black Women At Odds?

This interview doesn't start off real well for Omarosa

A recent piece in Essence magazine, "Black women Behaving Badly," claims African-American women are routinely mean to one another. But aren't all women capable of cattiness, or is this a unique phenomenon for black women?

Author Katrina Bell McDonald, a sociologist, and reality TV star and author Omarosa Manigault Stallworth, debate relations among black women on the NPR radio show 'Tell Me More" with host Michel Martin.

Here's some website comments:

Every single time I see or hear Omarosa in an interview (including today) she has a rude attitude (and I'm being very nice in my description). It's laughable that she would interrupt Michele and try to correct that perception that she indeed, seems to revel in. What a _ _ _ _ _!Jeesh.

I helped to produce a very large show in which Omarosa participated personally. She was JUST as mean in person as her "persona." Her complaint in the intro simply proves Michele's question about her meanness.

You can listen to this segment and Omarosa's interruption at the Tell Me More website.

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