July 8, 2009

Pandora and Other Internet Radio Stations Have Officially Been Saved, Twitter Folks Not Happy

Pandora radio hit the top ten trending topics on Twitter this morning. I had no idea that Pandora was so popular. Twitter folks are pissed that Pandora is going to start charging for their service. That's if you use over 40 hours per month! (How much are they going to charge? 99 cents! That's it.)

Here are some Tweets: Sign in on Twitter and check out the Pandora search

pandora, you're a jerk. you want to charge me if i listen more than 40 hours a month? what else am i supposed to listen to at work

How long has Pandora charged if you listen for more than 40 hrs? Is everything dedicated to sucking royally today?

I'm rather impressed w/ Pandora for this decision. U can still have it free but can't listen unlimited. Good compromise

Man pandora bout to start charging...aint that some sh*t!!!

Well the folks in Twitterville should be happy, because Pandora and other music only Internet services were in danger of becoming extinct as in "see you later".

From Pandora's official site, founder Tim Westergren writes: For more than two years now I have been eagerly anticipating the day when I could finally write these words: the royalty crisis is over! Webcasters, artists, and record labels have reached a resolution to the calamitous Internet radio royalty ruling of 2007. Pandora is finally on safe ground with a long-term agreement for survivable royalty rates. This ensures that Pandora will continue streaming music for many years to come! Read more

Here's more on what went down between webcasters, artists, and record labels from Tech Crunch.

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