July 21, 2009

President Obama Irritated by questions from the Black media

President Obama takes questions from seven reporters from the black press aboard Air Force One on their way to the NAACP convention in New York.

"As our first black president, Obama made a great point about the need for blacks to take more personal responsibility and stop making excuses for failure. But what some black Americans are skeptical about was the insinuation this is a big issue for African-Americans but nobody else." Read more from columnist Eugene Robinson

A day after his address Thursday to the NAACP on its centennial celebration, President Obama observed,

"I've noticed that when I talk about personal responsibility in the African American community, that gets highlighted. But then the whole other half of the speech, where I talked about government's responsibility . . . that somehow doesn't make news."

Obama made the comment in an Oval Office interview Friday. The website Journal-ism explores this issue. Look who's next to the President in the photo, my man on the scene, who seems to be everywhere, Roland Martin!

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