July 27, 2009

"Run This Town" new from Jay-Z featuring Kanye West and Rihanna

The full version of the new single (explicit) "Run This Town" from Jay-Z's upcoming album Blueprint 3. The song features Kanye West and Rihanna.

Word has it that the rapper (fake) Drake did not make the cut on the new album. Oh well...

Urban/Hip Hop Radio needs Jay-Z to keep it real

Jay-Z keeps it real in the Hip Hop game. Who else can come out and condemn the auto-tune technology in a song and tell everyone that it's for Hot 9-7 and not Z-100. Take that "Hits and Hip Hop" and Top 40 radio. No doubt the album will be number one with or without a great deal of radio airplay just because of his knowledge of marketing his product. What makes Jay real? It's his ability to transcend the image of a typical rapper. And of course talent. However the average person in the neighborhood (I hate the word 'hood) knows he keeps it real. Jay does not take on that typical drama persona. "You know I got 99 problems but a..." (you know the rest). The perception is that Jay-Z has his own style. And with that, he gives everyone hope that they could do the same and be themselves. He openly admits that he sold drugs, but despite that he parlayed it into a huge music career and in his unique way he has defied the odds and has beat the system. What's more attractive than that.

He can split from Damon Dash, Def Jam's presidency; collaborate with Linkin Park or Coldplay; and still keep the Hip-Hop community on edge. He's Jay. Also it doesn't hurt that he's married to Beyonce either... when it's all said and done, Jay-Z will be thought of as the greatest Hip Hop artist ever.

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