July 13, 2009

Star and Bucwild on VladTV.com - Goes After the rapper Drake

Troi Torain better known as Star in an "open letter" to Drake, discusses his Kanye West directed video, "The Best I Ever Had" in a loving "Star and Bucwild style." Well, OK, it's straight up hate, but someone needed to say it.

Drake says he wants women to feel special when they watch it. Well Drake, how do you want women to feel when they listen to the explicit version of the song. Huh?

Why in the world is Drake, a former child actor from Canada from the TV show DeGrassi High, being forced upon the unsuspecting youth of America as the hottest, the flyest rapper since... umm Lil' Wayne. Maybe because they're in the same camp. I'm not going to play the video here. You can check it out yourself. The content is a little too ADULT for this blog.

But a bigger question might be "Why aren't Star and Bucwild on New York Morning Radio?" They were on Pulse 87 and the syndicated darlings of Clear Channel's Power stations. Radio executives, Do you understand how many hits they get on Vlad TV. One million, Two millions hits per video!

Are you kidding me?

What do the rest of the videos on VladTV get? Some only a couple of hundred and others a few thousands. Again I ask... well I won't ask it again. BUT THEY GET MILLIONS of HITS! What's really going on here? The numbers do look legit ...

Numbers don't lie and to suggest otherwise would be like stirring up the current buzz around Drake. Oh, did someone say "Risk." "Liability." Good point. But we're in a recession, revenue is down, and radio is a corporately run business with little regard to content and community service. Right?

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