July 8, 2009

Steve Harvey Number Two Listened to Radio Personality in America

Dallas, Texas RadioTime, Inc., a developer of technology for finding and listening to radio online, today released the first RadioTime.com Top 19 Programs, a list of the most listened-to programs on RadioTime.com for the month of June 2009. The list, which RadioTime will update monthly, features some well-known programs and demonstrates how RadioTime enables users to discover lesser-known shows airing around the world.

The five most popular programs are: "Rush Limbaugh," "Steve Harvey," "The Savage Nation," "Glenn Beck" and "Laura Ingraham." Three sports programs make the list, including two shows airing on The Ticket 1310 AM/104.1 FM in Dallas, Tex., "The Musers" and "The Hardline."

"Listeners use RadioTime to find their favorite station format and engaging personalities," says Dan Halyburton, President, RadioTime, Inc. "The Ticket 1310 AM and 104.1 FM in Dallas is a web favorite, demonstrating Internet radio's ability to help a local station compete on a worldwide stage."

RadioTime.com's international presence is evident, with BBC Radio 1's "The Chris Moyles Show" and BBC Radio 4's "Today" placing 11th and 14th respectively. NPR's top program is "Morning Edition," which ranks seventh overall.

"Our objectives for our new RadioTime.com Top 19 Programs list is to show which programs are the favorites among our users right now and to help them discover new favorites, so we expect to see additional shows and on-air personalities make future lists even if they are not syndicated programs," adds Halyburton.

I would imagine if more people knew about the Radio Times website, I'm sure the shows would be different. So their list stopped at nineteen (19) radio shows. (...seems strange) BY THE WAY, the number 18 show was Tom Joyner and number 19 was Michael Baisden. Radio Times I wonder why you guys are putting out a list of ALL syndicated radio shows?


  1. cuz syndication is the urban radio defacto standard.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The RadioTime Top 19 is a monthly look at listening by program. We have been very interested in the high number of searches on RadioTime for Hip Hop, R and B and Urban stations. We would be very interested to hear opinions on why this is the case. Syndicated shows are the ones that draw the greatest number of listeners because they appear on hundreds of stations. The appearance of two local shows on KTCK Dallas Tx shows that local shows can have an impact in a national ranking. BTW we stopped at 19, just to be different and get people to say, why did they stop at 19.
    Dan Halyburton President RadioTime


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