July 16, 2009

V-103 morning co-host Frank Ski’s contract is up in October - Should he stay?

Do you think Frank Ski should stay at CBS radio's Atlanta urban powerhouse station V-103? Go to the AJC and cast your vote.

From Rodney Ho AJC - "This is a precarious time for radio stations. With revenues dropping sharply the past two years, stations have been cutting staff and trimming salaries. This is not a good time for radio personalities to be renegotiating deals. Given the circumstances, Frank Ski will likely face a pay cut from his estimated current high six-figure annual salary.

Ski, 45, is not universally loved. He finished No. 2 in a recent unscientific ajc.com poll of most obnoxious Atlanta radio personality behind only Neal Boortz of WSB-AM. But what matters are the ratings and he has brought home the bacon every year since he joined the station in 1998. He and his co-host Wanda Smith are usually No. 1 among 25 to 54 year olds, the bread-and-butter demographic for many advertisers.

V-103 has Ryan Cameron in the wings, holding the fort during afternoons, where he too is No. 1." ... Read more

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