August 6, 2009

Black and Hispanic Broadcasters Meet with White House Officials for Bailout

Minority radio stations aren't failing businesses begging for handouts; they're healthy enterprises, beset by a perfect storm of bad circumstances, that are in need of a lifeline. At a time when millions of African-Americans and Latinos need information and opportunities to get jobs and build businesses, let's not pull the plug on black and Hispanic radio.

Pierre M. Sutton, (son of founder Percy Sutton, pictured here) the Chairman of Inner City Broadcasting, Inc. Holdings, owners of WBLS and WLIB New York, writes an opinion/editiorial piece, "Obama, throw a lifeline to black and Hispanic radio", in the New York Daily News and reveals that a meeting on the topic of bailout occured in the White House.

-In a meeting today (Wed. August 5) with senior Obama administration officials, minority broadcasters will make our case for emergency federal assistance. We appreciate the administration's attention to these important issues thus far and hope for its help. Read more
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