August 26, 2009

CBS Radio Tweaks WPGC 95.5

This week while WPGC is auditioning co-hosts for the morning show with Donnie Simpson, the station has tweaked their imaging.

DCRTV observes from their e-mailbag "Some changes at WPGC. Their on-air name is now '95-5 PGC' and their slogan is 'DC's Hip Hop And R&B.' The music sounds about the same, except I noticed that they didn't play as many slower songs as they did before in the day. They also took the cursive 'Jamz' off of their logo and replaced it with '955 FM' as seen on their website.

There was speculation that CBS Radio was going to change the musical direction of the Washington, D.C. station due to a drop in overall ratings out of the top 10. Many believe because of the PPM electronic rating system.

The change would have looked more like 92.3 Now in New York and AMP Radio in Los Angeles. The "Hit Music" stations play everything from Drake to Britney Spears. Both stations were classic rock stations earlier this year. The tweaking of WPGC seems to be a vote of confidence for the urban music programming at the station for now.

1 comment:

  1. Well, at least it is still an Urban, but it is the type of urban that I dread which is super repetitive and hits driven. I wanted them to keep their playlist a little open to play throwbacks. Oh well, at least their sister station V-103 still decent these days.


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