August 13, 2009

James Brown gets first interview with Michael Vick

CBS Sports and NFL Pre-game host James Brown sat down with Michael Vick for the quarterback's first on-camera interview since he was released from federal prison in mid-July for charges related to his former dogfighting ring this Sunday on 60 Minutes. Brown offered some of his observations with NFL Network's NFL Total Access on Wednesday evening.

Of Vick's involvement with dogfighting, Brown observed that Vick "was introduced to it at a very young age, so he didn't see much wrong with it." Brown even said that there was "tacit approval" of dogfighting in Vick's childhood neighborhood, and that police did nothing to discourage it.

Of Vick's mindset today, Brown said: "Michael Vick was very resolute. He was very committed and passionate about his efforts to continue educating youngsters, particularly youngsters and young folks in urban areas, because that's the audience -- the target population -- that he thinks he can be most effective with."

Brown also said he "repeatedly" asked Vick about his remorse over his involvement with dogfighting. "He answered the question very sincerely," Brown says. "He was very steadfast in answering the question -- he didn't shy away from it. He knew that it was gonna be a tough interview. ... He understood why those questions had to be asked."

Brown says he also focused on what Vick learned in prison, the people he's now surrounding himself with and how his decision-making has changed, among other topics.

Brown also interviewed former NFL coach and now Vick's mentor Tony Dungy for the piece and Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle. -Source USA Today

James Brown who attended Harvard University and played basketball there, was encouraged by radio legend Petey Greene to enter broadcasting after working in corporate America. He became an analyst with the NBA's Washington Bullets in the 1980's and later on a news anchor for Channel 9 in D.C. You can see more of Petey Greene and James Brown in the following documentary...

The 60 Minutes interview is a major coup for CBS TV and is the first time anyone has conducted an interview who was not a part of the program as a regular correspondent. Congrats James.

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  1. "there was "tacit approval" of dogfighting in Vick's childhood neighborhood, and that police did nothing to discourage it."

    This is why I feel that ignorance of the law is a valid defense. If the police, who are supposed to "protect and serve" don't stop crimes when they see them, the perpetrators should not be punished for "a pattern of behavior". I believe it's called "mitigating circumstances" or something like that.


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