August 4, 2009

Lil' Wayne Whip It Like A Slave

Just thought we take a look through the wonderful search power of the Internet to see if it's only Charlamagne, the morning host of 100.3 The Beat, who has come out against the lyrical content of Lil' Wayne's songs.

Let's take a look at one particular song about crack that's a YouTube sensation but thankfully not being played on the radio yet: I think it would be pretty hard to come up with an acceptable clean version of this song.

Lil’ Wayne (and Dem Franchise Boyz), Whip It Like A Slave,” and the Crisis of Coonery By Tolu Olorunda

-That Lil’ Wayne is an embarrassment to the rich legacies of musical excellence which paved the road for his rise to prominence is not a breakthrough. It’s a given. An irrefutable fact. But that he would stoop so low to the level of making a song titled, “Whip It Like A Slave,” boggles the mind of even this writer. Read more from HipHop.com

From Paul Scott No Warnng Shots Fired.com

-A flick came out in the mid 90’s called “Tales from the Hood,” it was kinda like a ghetto version of “Scared Straight;” only with zombies. Perhaps the best part of the movie dealt with a gangsta named Krazy K who was undergoing some heavy sci fi rehabilitation by being forced to relive scenes of the many murders of black folks that he had committed against a backdrop of lynchings and cross burnings. After listening to the latest youtube hit “Whip it “(Like a Slave), I wonder if such a rehab session would work on Lil Wayne? Naw, he’d probably just sit there with that spaced out permanent grin on his face sippin’ Sizzurp through a styrofoam cup and mumbling auto tune lyrics as visions of black death flash before his eyes. Read more from Playahata.com

Chuck D of Public Enemy discusses the current state of Hip Hop with various guest from 8/2/09. One of the guest is Dr. Tricia Rose, whose current book is the "Hip Hop Wars." One of the topics of course is Lil' Wayne. The Lil' Wayne, urban radio DJ's, and Cathy Hughes discussion with Paul Scott takes place at the 59:00 minute mark of the audio stream. The show is taken from Chuck D's show On the Real that airs on Air America radio on Sunday night.

Click here to listen to podcast

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