August 4, 2009

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and Eminem - Beef Being Playing out on Twitter and Radio

Hot AC and Hip Hop Radio adds fuel to the fire... but it's really Twitter that's keeping the back and forth going.

How did this beef all get started between Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Eminem anyway? This article from Rolling Stone pretty much sums it up. But whoever heard of a rap beef between a singer, her husband and a rapper? Aren't they usually between two rappers. Doesn't somebody usually get beat up or worst?

Now it just needs to stop!!! Right now! You guys are setting a bad example for the youth of America. But just in case you haven't heard it, it's pretty raw, even with the cleaned up radio version. Here's Eninem's explicit response The Warning ( Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Diss ) to Mariah Carey's song Obsessed.

I think Nick and Eminem need to sit down and have a BEER!

Now for the real story: One time of day it was just radio that had young people talking on the phone about the latest music. But now they're doing a little more. They're still listening to radio (contrary to popular opinion) and using Twitter. Tweeting about this beef is one of the hot topics on the social networking site. A lot of people are hearing the diss song on the radio besides on different sites on the internet. So radio still matters. On-air people, how many of you are using Twitter to effectively connect to your audience? Just wondering...

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