August 15, 2009

Michael Vick Signs Two Year Deal with the Philadelphia Eagles with Mixed Reactions

The signing of Michael Vick to a two-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles has had plenty of mixed reactions and controversy within and outside the NFL community along with the local fans of the team. What's interesting to note is the timing of the signing.

The signing of Michael Vick on Friday comes two days before his first sit down interview on 60 minutes with CBS' NFL Today studio host James Brown. Not to say that I am a self-subscribed conspiracy theorist (and this hardly qualifies as such), but I find it more than a coincidence that the interview is scheduled right after Vick's signing with the Eagles. After pursuing a Michael Vick interview for several months, James Brown was granted an interview with Vick last Monday, August 10. Not Oprah, FOX, ESPN, or NBC; but CBS.

In this scenario, one hand feeds another and the Michael Vick story stays in the news cycle for the next few days. Coach Andy Reid, owner Jeffrey Lurie, and "The Michael Vick Team" have been contemplating and discussing the Eagles' signing of Michael Vick for quite awhile with behind the scenes interviews. Their decision to sign Vick just didn't happened this week... and the television interview with Michael Vick on Sunday just seems to have perfect timing. Now I ask, "Would there be as much interest to watch the interview on Michael Vick, if he was sitting on the sidelines, in limbo, without the prospect of playing for another NFL team?"

The signing has generated high interest for CBS television and Sunday's 60 Minutes program now that Michael Vick will be back in the NFL. Otherwise wouldn't we just expect a rerun program late in the summer on 60 Minutes? This move is good for CBS and the NFL. Also note the Philadelphia Eagles radio contract is with a CBS radio sports station.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Watch CBS Videos Online

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