August 6, 2009

Minister Takes Radio Equipment Hostage Until the Station Meets His Demands

Is this the case of another pissed off program director that's been replaced?

Here's a little bit about the Minister Al Thomas from the (former station) WGXM website when things were good:

Each room Minister Allen S. Thomas walks into inside Atlantic County's only gospel station, WGXM-FM 88.7, calls on him to draw on a different set of skills. Before Thomas, 37, starts his Gospel Mega Mix show at 4 p.m. weekdays, he walks into the production studio and programs songs into the station's digital jukebox. One of the hats he wears is program director, deciding what the station will sound like when someone tunes in to listen. When Thomas' work as program director is done, he switches roles and adopts his DJ persona.

Now that Minister Al is gone things are NOT so good:

WXXY Broadcasting, Inc. has filed for special temporary authority with the FCC to operate noncommercial Gospel WEHA (formerly WGXM and WXXY) in Atlantic City, New Jersey without an EAS (Emergency Alert System) encoder and a FCC public file because a former programmer at the station allegedly took the equipment hostage.

The station told the FCC in a filing on July 1st, Minister Al Thomas took the operating logs, public file, and EAS equipment and told the station that he would not return the equipment unless his demands were met.

The filing included a police report and request to operate without the files and EAS until they can be replaced, and says it has ordered new EAS equipment in case the original is not recovered.

Why not find the original equipment? Got a tip? Call Crimebusters of Atlantic City... Minister Al contact us, we would love to hear your demands...LOL

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