August 3, 2009

Power 99 Launches the Search for New Morning Show Host

Starting this morning Clear Channel's Power 99 (WUSL) in Philadelphia is launching "Making the Morning Show", (...this doesn't quite sound like an original idea. Ya think MTV or Sean Combs know about this???)

The auditions begin this morning and the audience will cast their votes for their favorite Power 99 morning show host(s). Here's the lineup: Monday - midday host Shamara; Tuesday - R&B Singer Lil' Mo; Wednesday - current evening host The Hot Boyz (Uncle O and Mikey Dredd); Thursday - night host Golden Girl, and Friday - Miss Jones formerly of Hot 97 and 100.3 The Beat.

Also launching her own campaign on facebook, is former morning and midday host at 100.3 The Beat, Laiya St. Clair, although not scheduled as of yet for a slot.

I kind of have an idea of what direction Power 99 might be headed, and the execs over there know it's going to take a strong personality to head off the momentum and buzz that crosstown rival morning host Charlamagne at 100.3 The Beat (WPHI) has already generated. In any event the heritage station (a station I formerly worked at, so I still have a soft spot for it) just hasn't been the same since it discarded the old logo for the current one and added syndicated programming a few years ago.
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