August 17, 2009

Salt n' Pepa on the Air at 107.5 WBLS New York - Are they Wendy Williams' replacement?

Apparently 107.5 WBLS is not quite satisfied with Jeff Foxx hosting afternoons after the departure of Wendy Williams at the end of July.

Rappers Salt N' Pepa will sit in all THIS week on WBLS. Not sure what the fascination radio execs have with using artists whose music careers have seen better days as radio personalities.

Is being a radio host not a profession? Do they think all you have to do is be famous in the entertainment industry and people will just automatically turn on their radio and listen? And exactly what is Salt N' Pepa's connection to WBLS' "Today's R&B and Classic Soul" format? They are rappers.

We wonder which rapper or comic is next? Whoever it is, just know, NO radio experience is required!

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  1. The fascination with "past their prime" R&B singers & rappers is that those acts had, at one point in their careers, millions of fans, and radio wants those people to tune in immediately, because it's too cost ineffective to build an audience from the ground up.
    When was the last time an intern became a host without screwing another host or a supervisor [ i'm not talking about any particular female jocks in philly... i'm just saying ;-) ]? It's just the state of the business world.


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