August 17, 2009

WCHB's Mildred Gaddis calls police on Hot 102.7's Reggie Reg

Radio One's WCHB-AM/Detroit morning host Mildred Gaddis called for police while on the air at around 7:30am Friday morning saying an intruder had broken into the station. She was then heard yelling "how did he get in here" following by music, and then an old show. As it turns out the incident appears to stem from bad blood between Gaddis and DJ "Reggie Reg" Davis.

Reg had worked for co-owned WHTD-FM (Hot 102.7) until Friday as he had come to the station to submit his resignation. Reggie Reg says that he resigned his job because Gaddis and some of her listeners disapproved of him remaining on the air while he was running for a spot on Detroit's Charter Commission, reports WXYZ-TV.

Reggie Reg told WXYZ that "at the time I was an employee just like her. I had a key. I came in today to drop off my resignation letter. Her producer tried to block me in the common area. She got on the phone to police. I wish her no harm."

In a statement, Radio One said, "Davis' actions today came as a complete surprise. We learned of his resignation in the news this morning and had no advance warning that he would show up at our studios while Mildred Gaddis was on the air. Ms. Gaddis played no role whatsoever in the Company's decision on Mr. Davis' candidacy, and we fully support her decision to ask for assistance from the police." -from Radio Online

See a video news report with Reggie Reg's take on the incident from Channel 7 Action News WXYZ-TV Detroit and the Channel 2 WJBK MyFoxDetroit's report.

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