August 19, 2009

Whitney Houston Comeback Interview with Oprah

Will Wendy Williams get an interview also?

Oprah Winfrey will launch the 24th season of her daytime talk show on September 14th with what Oprah's people are calling "the most anticipated music interview of the decade" with an exclusive with Whitney Houston. This will be Houston's first interview in 7 years. Houston's new CD, "I Look To You," hits stores Aug. 31 and is being billed as her big comeback.

If you have been watching the Wendy Williams TV Show, you know Wendy has been openly campaigning for Whitney to appear on her show. That of course won't be the case, but maybe Wendy might be next? Wouldn't it be great for those two to sit down and have a chat?

On Wendy's blog it states: "Wendy’s dream guest is Whitney Houston, but she knows patience is a virtue. So after Diane Sawyer and after Oprah, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Whitney will stop by the show.

Here's more of her video plea>>

We're sure the next Whitney-Wendy interview won't be anything like the radio appearance from 2003 on WBLS...

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