September 14, 2009

CNN Guest Tim Wise: Republicans Are Stoking "White Racial Resentment"

Glenn Beck says that Van Jones was involved in the L.A. Riots. Are there any limits on what THEY will say?

Tim Wise an activist against racism talks about the conservative media and the tone it's setting within the Republican Party with CNN's Don Lemon. Even though the video is titled: "Republicans Are Stoking White Racial Resentment," Isn't it really the conservative media or as Tim Wise calls it the "Mouthpiece" that is irresponsibly leading this dangerous and racially charged tone in this country at the moment? The Republican Party are taking their cues from Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh Show. You don't hear from Republicans like Sen. John McCain; you hear from talk show hosts and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Despite what Michael Steele said earlier this year on the D.L. Hughley Show about him being the head of the Republican Party; Rush Limbaugh really is in charge of the Republican Party. Mr. Steele your party is out of control!

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