September 8, 2009

Conservative Media Attacks the President for Content and Money, but Now Obama has His Swag Back!

It's not about Van Jones (who resigned as Green Energy adviser over the weekend), a speech on education, or Health Care Reform; for the conservative media, is all about needing content for their listeners and advertising dollars. Content that will drive listeners to turn on conservative talk radio and cable TV news channels. Yes indeed it benefits conservative talk show hosts for Barack Obama to be the President of the United States. High ratings mean more advertising dollars. They need the Obama administration in the White House for content. They need topics. They need a reason for people to tune in. They will do this at any cost including disrespecting the presidency.

TV and radio host Glenn Beck attacked Van Jones instead of addressing his statements in which he called the President a racist. His comment resulted in an advertising boycott from Walmart and many others. It was Jones that organized that boycott that caused advertisers to pull their commercials from the Fox network. Lesson learned by Jones: be careful what you say and do if you plan on being in the public eye AND don't mess with other people's paper.

So as the president delivers a speech to school children across the country today and prepares for a major speech on health care to Congress tomorrow evening. We can sense that the President will not back down on his effort to reform the health care system in the U.S. for not only those Americans that don't have health insurance, but those of us who have health insurance and feel that "they are safe." For the President, the health care issue is personal. His own mother had to fight with the insurance companies to cover the cost of cancer treatments, when they wanted to say she had a pre-existing condition in order to deny coverage.

The 2007 Michael Moore film "Sicko" gives an interesting view of the health care system in the U.S. and around the world. It's well worth renting in your "special interest" section at your neighborhood Blockbuster.

Meanwhile we hope in between the hype for Oprah's new season, Jay-Z's Blueprint 3, and the next episode of Frankie and Neffe; someone outside of conservative radio and the FOX News Network will consider the importance of Health Care Reform instead of reporting it as our country's march towards Socialism. Where are the media outlets, radio stations and talk show hosts that support the President?

Check out the related videos from the movie Sicko

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