September 14, 2009

Frankie Darcell replaces Michael Baisden at Deroit's Mix 92.3

Clear Channel Urban AC station Mix 92.3 WMXD will replace Michael Baisden with popular local host Frankie Darcell. She will move back into the afternoon shift with "The Afternoon Mix." Frankie was placed into the midday slot after Mix 92.3 acquired the Baisden show a few years ago.

Could this be a growing trend for radio stations to move away from syndicated radio shows? We saw the same thing in Los Angeles at KDAY last month where now the station has all local hosts. However Clear Channel Radio wouldn't seem to be a company that would just dump a syndicated show if the prospect of making more by selling more local commercials for a local show makes more financial sense. It's much cheaper to run a syndicated show, so you can imagine how popular Frankie is in Detroit.
Station vet Oneil Stevens will take over the middays from 10am to 3pm. Meanwhile could Michael Baisden show up across town on Radio One's Kiss 105.9 WDMK?


  1. I am not the biggest Michal Baisden fan but I won't be listening at all to Frankie Darcell. Just not feeling her. Never have. I imagine I never will...

  2. It is clear the previous writer has an issue and he/she not listning to Frankie Darcell is a non issue because she is the HOTTEST Talent in the City on point and well respected by music industry folks, actors
    , everybody does her show and I LOVE HER.


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