September 28, 2009

Help for DJ Infamous of V-103 Comes from Twitter

From AJC ATLANTA Peach Buzz - Thanks to thousands of his fans on Twitter, word has spread on the social media Website about Austell flood victim DJ Infamous and his neighbors whose homes were invaded by Sweetwater Creek this week.

The V-103 DJ and Velvet Room fixture (whose high-profile fans include Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy and Fat Joe) lost everything in this week’s floods.

On Tuesday, his publicist Tahira Wright sent out a media release, stating: “Infamous lost everything, including all of his DJ equipment. He has a one week old son!”
The release also informed Infamous’ fans they could help out by dropping off donations (including baby items) to the Velvet Room this week.

A Bank of America account has been set up specifically to take donations as well: C/O Calvin Donald, Bank of America # 334004909289.

Music bloggers then posted the information Tuesday.
Within minutes, fans of the V-103 DJ began re-tweeting the info on the social media site and help has poured in as fast as the flood water.

“He’s in good spirits,” Wright told Buzz Wednesday: “He and the baby are staying at his manager’s house right now.”

Wright acknowledges that Twitter has played a significant role in distributing information regarding the flood.

“Infamous is just as concerned for his neighbors right now,” she added. “It’s nice to see everyone pulling together to help each other. Everyone in Atlanta’s music community is on Twitter. It’s where we’re all connected. When something like this happens, it’s a great tool to use to get the word out.”

However not everyone in the Atlanta area are happy about helping for DJ Infamous. Some other tweets about DJ Infamous express the following sentiments:

Is V-103 SERIOUSLY trying to raise money for DJ Infamous?? Um, what about people with NO JOB because of the recession?? Ugh. I hate people.

Prayers go out to #djinfamous...but V-103 really should be helping you while we focus on the people that began with less than you did
Hate is an amazing thing, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. It's not about "Hate", it's about fairness. If he is so well off, so well known and connected, then those connects are the ones that should be helping him out. At the very least, shouldn't his flood and home-owners insurance cover his losses?

    Has V103 helped non-industry people [ aka their listeners ] with food/clothing/shelter?

    Once again, it's not about hate...


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