September 11, 2009

Howard Stern, That's Right, Howard Stern calls opposition to Obama school speech 'racist'

Howard Stern pissed off a boatload of Republicans by labeling opposition to the Obama school speech as "racist" on his radio program. Stern expressed his opinion that the only reason that the Obama school speech has set off a new wave of socialist finger-pointing stems from the fact that President Obama is half black, and that racism has distorted the objectivity of those who are against the Obama school speech.

Howard Stern is no stranger to claims of racism himself. Early in his career a young Stern appeared on the TV program "Petey Greene's Washington" hosted by the legendary WOL radio host in the late 1970s. Howard Stern has recently added members of the KKK to his "Wack Pack". (...because the members are suppose to be "wack"). Howard Stern has also drawn accusations of racism from those who viewed his roasting of former New York City Mayor David Dinkens as offensive. Howard Stern would call his own racist commentary as satirical rather than sincerely racist. Despite the complete freedom of speech that Howard Stern and his crew enjoy on satellite radio, the one word that Howard Stern still won't permit to be said on air is n*****.

Even though Howard Stern enjoys some liberties and freedoms on Satellite radio (and has made well over $500 million with Sirius); maybe it's time for him to return to terrestrial radio. He would definitely give the Rush Limbaughs of the world a run for their money.

Stern is practically the only major national radio host to have an opinion contrary to conservative politically right leaning host. He was highly critically of the last presidential administration and came under much scrutiny from the FCC for the content of his show. Stern was under the impression that he was forced to leave radio because of conservative political pressure and the constant fines he was receiving from the FCC.

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