September 10, 2009

Shhh.... Power 99 has an Announcement

As I search the website of one particular radio station known as WUSL Power 99, I began to wonder who is the new morning host at the station? I hear that it's Tarsha Jones. She's been hosting the last two weeks. The Clear Channel station has yet to post an announcement or a publicity still of any kind. Let's help them out just a bit.

I know who's appearing at October's Powerhouse... but I want to know the name of the morning host when I log onto the website. I see I can check out the photos and videos from The "Making the Morning Show." That's some brilliant marketing, huh? You mean to tell me even Day 26 hosted one morning. That's amazing. Can anyone say "Ciroc?"

Whatever is going on over there looks like a lot of what was going on when Big Boy's Neighborhood was the morning show at Power 99. Sometimes he appeared on the website, sometimes he didn't. Seems like that website is not much of a concern to Clear Channel or very important to them at all. Uh-OH, (don't even say that, hush your mouth. That's just rumors!)

Anyway congrats to Tarsha. New York's "Miss Jones in the Morning" and Philadelphia's "Jonesy".

At the beginning of this contest, oops I mean making of the morning show; it wasn't too hard to figure out that Jonesy would get the gig. Three of the mornings featured Shamara; The Hot Boys with Monie Love; and Golden Girl, already hosts at Power 99. One morning was hosted by no radio experience having singer Lil' Mo and then there was Jonesy.

Now the following week hosts were added that were not a part of the original line up. So even if the audience absolutely loved the hosts from that week... (sigh)

you couldn't vote for them even if you waned to...SMH.

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