September 1, 2009

Talk show host Warren Ballentine has issued a call to action on September 4th

Syndicated radio host, Warren Ballentine has deemed September 4, 2009 “National Community Reinvestment Day." The national plan urges individuals from all across America to open an account with Black-owned banks, in their communities, on the same day (September 4th).

Ballentine announced that the mission of the campaign is to galvanize consumers, businesses, community leaders and individuals to support black owned banks, who have traditionally been known to invest in the communities they serve. He continues to be a leading voice on issues and challenges facing Black America. Ballentine continues to spotlight issues such as racial injustice, financial literacy & economic prosperity, criminal justice, and other topics that promote social change. Through active partnerships with his listeners, sponsors and supporters, Ballentine uses the power of media and communications to promote change and positively influence the lives of others. Individuals are urged to continue to deposit in black owned banks after September 4th, in on going initiative with will bring together the nation's black owned banks to allow consumers access to products, financial education, community initiatives and news.

The Nationally Syndicated Warren Ballentine Show can be heard weekdays from 10AM-1PM ET. (check local market listings) or visit to listen and watch the live broadcast. For a list of black owned banks and to help spread the word log on to


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. how come a post got removed it would of been interesting to see what the poster said about warren ballentine, what happened to freedom of speech? I thought it was about keepin it real in the 09.

  3. The post was removed because it had nothing to do with Warren Ballentine or opening an account with a Black owned bank on Friday. There was no connection to the story, therefore it was removed. -Admin. Urban Radio Nation

  4. I just moved from ATL, GA to Murrieta, CA and I can't find Warren's show on the radio. What station and time does Warren and Rev. Al Sharpton's show come on in Southern CA. I live between San Diego and LA.

  5. Trish, Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine talk shows will only be available on line for you. There are no California stations that carry their show.

  6. I think Warren Ballentine needs to go "sit on the porch." I'm sick and tired of all the blacks with big fat chips on their shoulders. Get over it! You are the people that keep the racist thing going and going and going. Get a life why don't you? When faced with the truth, all you can do is say something like, "Get back on the porch" as Warrend said to Juan Williams. Shame on him. Like Bill Cosby keeps saying, you need to get over blaming the "whites" for everything that's wrong in your life. Take responsibility for yourselves. Do someting positive instead of slinging crap.Think about it.

  7. I live in Florence, South Carolina. For the past 6 months I have been enjoying the Warren Ballentine radio show. Within the last two three weeks however, Warren Ballentine as well as Rev Sharpton's shows are not longer part of the radio station's format.

    Please help. In South Carolina, what station is the Warren Ballentine aired? Thank You So Very Much!!!


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