September 2, 2009

This Week it's Chubb Rock on 107.5 WBLS

More of "you pick the jock" contest news... Well this week Chubb Rock was added to the contest to pick the replacement for Wendy Williams on 107.5 WBLS in New York. Last week there were only three in the contest, now there's four! We wait patiently for the jock that will mysteriously appear next week. Maybe they should invite the contestants from the Power 99 and WPGC contest.

Anyway here's one of my favorite Chubb Rock video's "Just the Two of Us" featuring actress Elise Neal as one of the dancers before she became known for her acting skills in movies and TV. Maybe Elise Neal will sit in next week? Haven't seen her lately, who knows? (In this disappointingly blurry 1991 video, she's wearing the all black outfit in one segment and a red top in another part.) One question remains:

Can Chubb Rock play any of his songs on the Today's R&B and Classic Soul format at WBLS?

So if the perception is this: African American listeners of a certain age are turned off by rap (that includes "Old Skool" hip-hop), then why is WBLS attempting to appeal to their mature adult listeners with a contest for an on-air personality that includes Hip Hop artist like Salt 'n Pepa and Chubb Rock? Like Arsensio use to say, "Makes you go Hmmm..."

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