October 24, 2009

African American Media Sounds Off on Chris Rock's Documentary "Good Hair"

Chris Rock watching a little girl get a 'relaxer'

On the radio program 'Some of Us are Brave' KPFW (90.7 FM - Los Angeles), host and creator Thandisizwe Chimurenga discussed the controvery surrounding the documentary "Good Hair" and the overall effects of "hair" in the African American community.

'Some Of Us Are Brave' is a Black Women's Radio Program committed to insuring that the voices of African-American women. Listen to the
podcast from KPFK from October 22nd on this topic, which is quite entertaining. The segments begin 20 minutes into the podcast.

One of the guests on the program is an 18 year old high student, who's ready to participated in a protest march in L.A. against police brutality. She's on the phone, away from the noise and waiting inside a KFC! Really...Oh lawd...(lol)

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jenice Armstrong talks "Good Hair" and shares her hair experiences, including the various hair styles she has embraced in this video.

She also shares her thoughts in the column 'Good Hair' a gray area for black women.

WE WOMEN do some crazy things in the name of beauty. We allow plastic surgeons to inject Botox into our wrinkles to smooth our skin. We ignore cancer warnings by frequenting tanning salons. We submit to painful and embarrassing Brazilian waxes. We get fat liposuctioned off our thighs, wear false eyelashes, and get fancy acrylic nails. We force our feet into high heels. We're beauty junkies. But this column is about hair: About how we can have a full head of beautiful hair and yet spend hundreds to have more sewn, glued, clipped or weaved in. I'm as guilty as anyone else. But so what? I assert my freedom to adorn my body and my hair any way I please. Excuse the attitude, but I've been smoking like a hot comb on a stove since I saw Chris Rock's new movie "Good Hair." Read more

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