October 7, 2009

Black Media and Websites Jumped All Over a Nightclub Murder

Why does it seem... many African American media outlets and websites have sensationalized the murder of the ex-fiancé of a reality show star? It appears that the senseless murder of Chicago teenager Derrion Albert has been knocked out of our collective consciousness. Perhaps it's not as "sexy". At his point it's "let's keep it moving" and it's on to the next story in the news cycle. Even after the funeral, Derrion Albert's murder, as a result of teen violence and Black on Black crime, isn't an issue that should just go away.

Perhaps there isn't a balanced representation of local Afican American media outlets with the proliferation of syndicated radio programs. With no daily news programs on TV One or BET; we rely on mainstream media to provide news. Therefore radio and the web plays a much more important role in bringing African American news and issues to the forefront. However thought provoking conversations about issues causes ratings to drop. Perhaps who's on the DL, prison sex, who's the baby's daddy or pimps in the pulpit are more inviting.

Derrion Albert's murder should be the wake up call for the African American community, possibly the Emmet Till of this generation. However the thirst for the fleeting status of fame and celebrity seems to make one murder more important than the other. If there was no cell phone video of Albert's beating, would anyone even know about Derrion Albert's murder? Many people say Black life has no value... but Black life through the media does?

Emmitt Till
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