October 20, 2009

The Brian McKnight Show to End in January 2010

The fallout continues at Citadel Media as the company moves to cut costs on the sales and programming sides. The latest victim is “The Brian McKnight Show” which will end it’s short syndication run with the network on January 22, 2010. The show airs on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York and through out the country on "The Touch" urban AC format stations in smaller markets.
McKnight who added the evening show targeted to urban AC and smooth jazz stations to his portfolio- which includes a morning show on KTWV in Los Angeles and a newly syndicated late night television show-in January.

There is no word yet as to the future of the syndicated radio show with another syndication company or it’s co-host, former WRKS New York “Kissing After Dark” host Lenny Green. The change follows the cancellation of “The Doug Banks Show” which was announced earlier this month.

Never really understood the reason for a "Slow Jams/Quiet Storm" show needing two male voices? Unless there is always a need for a professional radio host to make sure things run smoothly over the air... Look for co-host Lenny Green to re-claim the night time slot at 98.7 Kiss FM. Source: Radio Syndication


  1. I don't know why so called management keeps making idiotic decisions. Everyone was happy with Lenny Green for a long time and then suddenly you had to add Brian McKnight. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Leave well enough alone. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 98.7 Kiss needs to get back on track! Their programming choices this last year have sucked!

  2. Brian is not a True New Yorker, He not fit for this City. Please let the station regain it's listner drop Brian,let Lenny run his course,drop D.L.Hugley bring back Talent,Jeff Foxx put the orignal morning crew back. Concentrate on your listners not the losers. The choices this year do SUCK the big one.

  3. Brian is a great singer but he is a big bore on the radio. The show was great with just Lenny Green. He didnt need any help. Stick with what works.

  4. Lenny Green is the man for nighttime radio in NY. Brian Mcknight turned me off. Instead of making changes with the airstaff, execs at Clear Channel need to change the mgmt. at KISS who keep making stupid decisions! If it wasn't for OpenLine and Ruben Toro's show, I wouldn't listen at all!

  5. I'm so glad to find this outlet to voice my opinion about the decision to put Lenny Green in the backseat.Everyone sentiments are my own.I don't no why this calamity of a decision lasted so long. It' time for someone to admit to making a very foolish decision. Bring Lenny back.
    Lenny has the most sincerest voice in Radio, he is a pleasure to listen to and has awide appeal to men as well as woman. What do we need to doto get Lenny back?

  6. Kiss FM is not owned by Clear Channel. It is owned by Emmis Communications.

    I hear they put DL Hughley and Brian Mcknight because it saved the station money. They dont have to pay the DJ's and they pay a small fee to the companies that run the shows.

    Jeff Foxx left Kiss because he did not want to accept a pay cut. Radio is struggling with money. It is sad but this is how radio is surviving. They are getting no ad money as well. It is sad

  7. This is an outrage. To the Public who tuned in religiously every Night to listen to the Brian Mcknight Show, to abruptly end the show without giving the listeners a warning was very unprofessional, the listeners should have a Petition run to bring back Brian Mcknight and Lenny Green They were the Best Night Personality for The Brian Mcknight show, Your listeners will miss them dearly.


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