October 12, 2009

Checking in with Ed Lover at Power 105.1 FM New York

Now that Maxwell is in the midst of his nation wide tour, let's share an in studio interview with Ed Lover and co-host Free at New York's Power 105.1. Part 1 of the 6 part interview, Maxwell talks "Pretty Wings" and how he's glad that he's back without having to change his sound.

In this second Radio Online audio-only aircheck, Ed Lover talks extensively about the "real" vs. "not real" Hip Hop debate. The early rant occurred at 6:20 in the morning, which means a few of his listeners may have just been getting in from the club and not realized what he was actually saying...

Ed says "just go with what [music] you like" and "support what you like by buying what you like" and go against the grain if you have to. Very interesting comments on the state of the record and radio industry.

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