October 30, 2009

New York's Dance Music Station Pulse 87 is No More

After a few months of rumors of their demise and even a request from listeners to support the station financially this past summer; Mega Media has killed off dance music station “Pulse 87” WNYZ-LP. They officially announced on air that it would stop broadcasting today (October 30).

Mega broke some barriers when it put dance-formatted “Pulse 87” on the air in the Fall of 2007. The station generated some buzz by briefly adding The Star and Bucwild Morning Show in February of 2008. However they parted ways with the station by October of the same year.

Pulse 87 used the audio of low power Channel 6 TV station (87.7 FM) to broadcast to a limited area of New York City. Despite the limited coverage the station boasted as many as 800,000 listeners per week which was measured using Arbitron's PPM ratings system.

BTW if we did "shout outs" we would give a shout out to Star and Bucwild for the mention at the end of their Season 1 Vlad TV video; but we don't give shout outs.

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