October 29, 2009

"Someone Needs to Put Cathy Hughes in Check"

What do you think of Cathy Hughes' Reality Radio spots heard on Radio One stations? The Root.com is not a fan.

By Natalie Hopkinson of The Root.com from the post "Why No One Talks Back to Cathy Hughes"

The empress of black radio is using public airwaves to personally attack her enemies in Congress in the name of black progress. Who's going to put her in check?

If you’ve tuned in to black radio in the past few months, chances are you’ve heard “Reality Radio,” a series of announcements in which radio pioneer Cathy Hughes asks the black community to fight a new law in Congress that she claims would “murder black-owned radio.”

Her definition of homicide? Performance Rights Act (HR 848), a bill that would require radio stations to pay royalties to artists for playing their music. The potential winners and losers in the bill being considered by Congress has been a source of heated debate. But it clearly would dim the already free-falling profits of Hughes’ company Radio One, the nation’s largest chain of black radio stations. Read more

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